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Here's a list of resources I've discovered throughout my journey.


- The Imagineering Workout

- The Art of Game Design

Where to start

Riot's URF Academy Game Design Curriculum: It's Game Design 101. I highly recommend anyone jumping into game design start here as it's completely free.

GDC Talks

Practical Creativity: A fantastic talk for game designers. It's about building a "game design library" of mechanics and tools to help out your creativity. This was super useful when designing Last Escape.


Mark Rosewater's Drive To Work: Magic: The Gathering's designer for 20+ years talks about design, what's not to love? It's a treasure trove of game design knowledge packed into hour-long podcasts. They're great.

Designer Notes: "A podcast about game design and why we make games."

Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine Game Framework: From int main() to BeginPlayThis is easily the best piece of educational content I've seen regarding UE4. Beware: It is DENSE.