The Roadmap

Jan 31st - Feb 6th, 2022

A bit frustrated with the lack of game design lately, I took a step back to remind myself what I should be focusing on right now.

The first thing I did was list out a few dream projects I would LOVE to work on (ignoring the “impossible”). Here are a few:

Clearly I have a thing for competition, survival horror, and ridiculous stories.

Next, I picked one and asked myself, “how the hell do I get there from here?”

The rough plan I came up with:

  1. Transfer internally into a Microsoft-owned studio.
  2. Learn from game designers on the job.
  3. Do more design-oriented work on the side.
  4. Either:
  5. Make the game design switch within the company.
  6. Transfer as an engineer into one of the listed companies, then make the switch.

The plan may be rough, but this is exactly what I needed! I turned a north star into a roadmap and cured my frustration in the process. It's good to know that I'm on the right track.

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